Placentia Round Table 

Women's Club


  "Why Stay We on Earth, Unless to Grow"   Robert Browning

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Club Sections
Sections are small groups that have formed to celebrate a common interest! Contact the Chairperson for more information on group happenings! There's lots of fun to be had outside of our general meetings!
Meeting: 2nd Friday of the Month   10:00 am
Chair: Barbara Hatch

Meeting: 2nd Wednesday of the Month   10:00 am
Chair: Lynne Buzdar

Meeting:  2nd Tuesday of the Month    1 p.m.
Chair: Phyllis Steel

Monthly gadabouts TBD.
Chair: Cindy Lee

Meeting: 4th Wednesday of the month
Chair: Ursula Freeman

Mah Jongg
Meeting: 2nd and 4th Thursdays   12:00 pm
Chair: Susan Powers & Carolyn Allen